Action Fantasy Adventure Book Series by Eric Vall

Welcome to the thrilling realm of Eric Vall's imagination - where epic tales unfold and fantasy worlds come to life. Immerse yourself in books featuring a captivating fusion of action, fantasy, and adventure as you embark on a journey through worlds unknown.

The Alpha

I was just a nerd for crying out loud. A college student just doing his best to survive.

I can’t be a werewolf. I have midterms next week.

But apparently fate has plans for me, because one day I was just Jesse Rafe, and the next day I’m The Alpha, the legendary were shifter who is meant to impregnate every possible shifter species omega female and rule the world.

If I don’t get killed by another alpha first, of course.



Apocalyptic Pirates

They said it was just a meteor storm.

Then the storm turned into a cataclysmic event as giant rocks crashed into the Earth.

And dragons came crawling out of every one of them.

Lots and lots of radioactive dragons.

Now, nowhere but the ocean is safe, and home is an eight thousand mile journey across the seas. Even if I have to go full pirate, save some damsels in distress, and plunder to survive, I’m making it home in one piece.

Yo-ho-ho, you scaly bastards.



Building Harem Town

I used to be a computer programmer… I think.

But then I woke up in a strange new world as a… god? Part of me thinks this is some ultra-realistic VR game, but things just seem and feel too real.
Especially the three beautiful priestesses who have traveled from afar just to worship and love me.

I don’t know what’s going on, but as their god, it is my job to protect them, and the only way to do that is to level up by teaching them how to survive and build in this brutal wilderness.



Chaos God

All I wanted to do was see my escape room business succeed, but then a friggin’ demon showed up in Boston to tear my place apart, and I ended up tumbling into another world.
One I’ve actually heard of. 
Now, I’m fighting my way through Asgard with the survivors of Ragnarok, and I’ve somehow gained some pretty wild shifter powers. It looks like these people could use a guy as clever as me if they wanna stay alive, but my wits aren’t the only thing I’m bringing to the table.
It’ll take that and a lot more to survive in this demon-infested world, but I’ve always thrived in a bit of chaos.



Death Makes Me Stronger

Life was going so well right up until I got caught in the crossfire of two supers battling, took a manhole cover to the face at 200 miles per hour, and died.

That’s when things got weird.

I woke up, fully healed, and with diamond hard skin that was impervious to blunt force damage. Turns out I’m a super, too. Only my power is the ability to come back from the dead, and with a new ability that makes me immune to whatever just killed me.

They say whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but in my case, whatever kills me makes me stronger.

I’m going to be the most famous and powerful superhero on Earth, get all the girls, and put an end to the super villains’ reign of terror.

Or die trying.



Dragon Spirit Hunter

Charlie was ready to finally enjoy his freedom after graduating college. Then he woke up in a strange, otherworldly forest filled with unspeakable terrors.

And dragons.

Things only got weirder from there.

Slaying the first dragon he met meant absorbing its spirit, so now he’s signed on as a recruit at a magical, cut-throat academy as he tries to train and wield his mystical dragon companion in combat.

Success won’t be easy, and learning the ins and outs of monster slaying is a messy business.

But it’ll all be worth it if he can make it into the Legion and serve at the front lines in this war against wild spirits, ravenous monsters, and the thinning veils that separate their world from the magical Sundered Realm.


  • Dragon Spirit Hunter


Doomsday Hunter

Step 1 - Travel to a different dimension on verge of destruction
Step 2 - Save dimension from doomsday event
Step 3 - Find the Wayfarer woman to take back so their dimension stabilizes
Step 4 - Bind Wayfarer woman to you for bonus powers and abilities
Step 5 - Get paid and then go back to Step 1



Dragon Conjurer

I was just your average college anthropology student. I went to class, worked my minimum wage job, and studied for exams.
Until I discovered that monsters are real, and I can summon the most powerful of them all: Dragons.
Now, I’m a Dragon Conjurer working for a secret agency/academy that protects the world from monsters behind the scenes, and two of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met are in my squad and super into me.
And it seems that they don’t mind sharing.
Life is about to become awesome.



Dragon Emperor

Evan was just an average guy working as an EMT, but when he puts on an ancient dragon mask, he’s teleported to the magical world of Inati as a powerful black dragon.

Now, he’ll have to save a beautiful priestess, rebuild a broken city, and fight a horde of zombie-like monsters led by an ancient demonic evil.

If he wins, then the opportunity to build his powers, treasure horde, and empire will await him. If he loses, then his new friends will all suffer fates worse than death.


The Duelist

Duel your enemy and kill him.
Take his assets, including his wives, as your own.
Grow your estate and become the most powerful warrior mage this world has ever seen.



Dungeon Master

What would you do if you were the most powerful dungeon deity in the world and the bindings keeping you trapped within your dungeon were broken? Would you escape? Would you acquire a party of beautiful female minions?

Would you use your new minions to conquer other dungeon deities, consume their magic, and grow even more powerful? Would you take over the world? Would you then take over the heavens and destroy the gods?

Yes, you would do all of the above.



Eidolon Master

Colton Davis has always dreamed of living a life of adventure like the treasure hunters he’s read about, but he never imagined he’d find even more than that.
Then one geocaching excursion thrust him into a magical world filled with deadly jungles, valuable artifacts, and ancient temples.
But raiding these mysterious temples isn’t for the faint of heart. Once he enters, every moment could be his last, and the promise of reward has led thousands to their deaths within these ever-changing halls.
So it’s no wonder why so many here are willing to go to murderous lengths just to gain the most valuable asset an adventurer could find: An eidolon. The rarest female beings in all of Fablewild.



Kill the Power Gamer

She is the perfect killing machine, an organic human replica designed with one purpose only: to travel back in time and murder the father and mother of the robot army’s greatest enemy.

He was a full time retail employee with dreams of becoming a professional gamer. But little did he know that his perfect woman was about to travel back in time to change history.

This is a stand alone novel.



King of Superheroes

In a world where a fraction of the population activates a super power, I was just hoping for a semi-cool ability, something to get me out of my mundane job and life.

Then, during my long-awaited activation, I unleashed not just one power, but multiple. Which was basically unheard of and meant I was something called an Omega.

But the last Omega went crazy with power, so not everyone was welcoming when I showed up at the Super Academy in Miami.

That’s okay, though. Because I’m going to prove to the world and myself that I have what it takes to be a hero.



Looting the 13th Floor

I just wanted to find a place to read my book and escape the boredom of my IT job. Then I stumbled upon a hidden floor at the top of my office building, and my life changed completely.

Behind the door on the 13th floor is a stormy world filled with magic, mayhem, and really, really rich monsters. But there’s also tons of beautiful, exotic women being hunted for the most elite monsters to hoard.

There’s just too much loot and too many gorgeous monster girls to save, so it looks like I’ve gotta fit some seriously dangerous and totally heroic adventures into my 9 to 5.

And then get rich selling all the treasure back on Earth.



Lottery King

I never imagined I’d win this big playing the lottery.

Then I bought a ticket that would change my life forever, and it’s not only riches I’m rolling in now.

I’ve won the right to rule as king of the entire paranormal world that’s been hidden right before my eyes. And the perks just keep piling up: Money, cars, mansions, the finest cuisine, the most exotic beauties I’ve ever laid eyes on… you name it.

I’m even expected to marry multiple paranormal women.

But being the first human king of the Eternal Realm comes with its own challenges, and there’s plenty of species who’d like to see my head on a spike.

It’s time to show my subjects exactly what kind of king I intend to be, because there’s no way I’m giving up the rich life now that I’ve finally gotten a taste of it.



Magic Girls of Multiverse Inn

I never expected to inherit a mysterious, haunted-looking inn.
So I definitely never imagined that inn would lead me into a whole multiverse called the Grymm.
Now, I carry the ancient keys to all sorts of different realms, and it turns out, there’s an endless amount of money to be made in inter-world trade.
No one ever said navigating a magical multiverse would be easy, though. The Grymm is a deadly place, where gorgeous women are bound to lives of servitude and salesmanship, and nothing is ever as innocent as it seems.
But having a highly coveted Venturer’s badge on my chest sure seems to be my ticket to riches, glory, and exotic women with magic powers beyond my wildest dreams.



Making Monster Girls

They call me mad, but I don’t see anything wrong with using science to create the perfect monster girl.
They call me insane, but I just want to live my life with a harem of beautiful cat-girls, bear-girls, fox-girls, snake-girls, and… well, pretty much any type of monster girl.
They call me a megalomaniac, but why wouldn’t any red blooded man want to make cute babies with all these beautiful monster girls?
They call me evil, but they just don’t realize that I’d destroy anyone who tries to harm my monster girls.



Metal Mage

This magical world is about to have an industrial revolution.

1 - Get pulled from a life of 20th century boredom and thrust into a fantasy world.
2 - Find out there are a bunch of powerful monsters and evil wizards intent on killing everyone.
3 - Use new magical powers of earth and metal to craft awesome armor, swords, and GUNS.
4 - Kill the bad guys, become a hero, and have a harem of hot women.



Okay, But Try Not to Murder Anyone

My days used to be filled with working my minimum wage job at a local shipping store, but one night, I was in the wrong place at the right time and came into possession of a weird metal bracelet.

The good news: Now I suddenly have a superpower.

The bad news: A vicious family of mobsters, clandestine government agencies, and uber wealthy treasure hunters all want to tear the bracelet from my dead arm.

The worse news: I have no idea how to handle my new power, and I’m going to have to defeat the bad guys without hurting anyone who doesn’t deserve it.

Disclaimer: This is a slow-burn harem series.



Order of the Demon Hunters

Ronan is a great guitarist and a good singer, but he isn’t destined to be a rich and famous rock star. After a particularly bad bar gig, he follows a seductive voice into darkness and finds himself on the world of Threnos, a dark and haunted fantasy world where demonic evil casts shadows over the realm.

But amid the unspeakable horror of demons from beyond the veil, a small light shines: the Inquisitors, an order of enhanced warriors dedicated to combating demons wherever they exist and at whatever cost. With holy fire, angel blood, and arcane weapons, the Inquisitors fight a never-ending battle against the endless horde of demonic filth.

The veil between the demon realm and Threnos weakens, and demons threaten to spill across in limitless numbers, extinguishing all mortal life, and only an unlikely musician from Earth named Ronan may hold the key to salvation.

But that is only if he can survive his first night on Threnos.


  • Order of the Demon Hunters


Planet Broker

CT has one goal: To take on the most powerful planet colonization corporation in the world and bring them to their knees. The corporation wasn't worried, after all, CT was just one man with a small crew of beautiful women.

They should be worried. They should be very worried.



Pocket Dungeon

Wes Rhodes wasn’t prepared to wake up in a medieval-style equipment room.

He wasn’t expecting to fight his way through a deadly dungeon today, either.

But when he makes it through before the timer runs out, his entire perspective shifts.

Now, he’s the guy with a whole other dimension waiting inside the magic crystal in his pocket, and nothing will ever be the same. All he’s gotta do is make it out alive and get back to Earth each and every time.

And the payoff is worth it.

There’s monsters to slay, loot to gain, and even some sexy women to save from certain doom. But the whole “rich beyond his wildest dreams” thing would be way more awesome if people weren’t suddenly trying to stalk and murder him for his magic crystal…



Princess Master

My name’s Joe, and yeah… I’m a plumber.
Things were going just fine, until I got pulled into this crazy fantasy world by a genie who seemed to think I was this “Hero of Legend.”
Now I have to collect all the Princesses of Fairyland, bind them to me using this crazy… uhhh… kinky… uhhhh… “ritual,” and then use their combined powers to defeat the evil demon Chernabog.
I guess you could call this a magical pipe laying adventure.



Quantum Wrath

I never asked for this power. It overtook me centuries ago, and I’ve been lost to time ever since that very first warp to a new dimension.

Now, I never age, I always escape, and I’m only getting stronger as the decades pass.

But I sure as hell don’t have the patience for sidekicks. So when a gorgeous, supersonic, and unbelievably twisted woman suddenly forces me off my homeplanet, I end up understandably tense.

Luckily, the vast dimensions offer plenty of chaos to keep people like us entertained.

And something about rooting out otherworldly villains just seems to bring out my devious side.

So I may as well unleash my own personal brand of wrath on these wannabe villains and show them how it’s really done.



Satan's Sorority Girls

College was just supposed to be a fun experience. I moved all the way to New England to enjoy the rich history, make friends, and maybe even get a girlfriend.

And against all odds, it looked like this lanky nerd might actually stick the landing on all of the above.

But things took a weird turn when a bunch of insanely beautiful sorority girls started stalking me.

Now, I’m suddenly surrounded by pentacles, the paranormal, and so many seductive witches that I don’t even know what to think.

Am I seriously about to get sacrificed by the hottest girls I’ve ever seen?

Or do they have something even stranger planned for me?



Succubus Lord

Disclaimer #1- This series is about a guy that summons a harem of hot succubus women and then battles demon lords to save the world.

Disclaimer #2- It's way raunchier than my other novels. You'll probably love it.




Gryff never knew he was the most powerful summoner in the world until a rogue monster attacked his village.

Now he's been recruited into the top magical academy, beautiful women are breaking down his dorm room door, and the headmaster has big, big plans for him. Instead of summoners being maligned by society, Gryff is in a position to make them revered and honored.

There's just one problem: The most powerful fire mage in the academy wants to protect the status quo and will do anything to stop him.



Summoner School


Despite being hardworking and ambitious, Andrew has none of them. That is, until his ailing grandmother gives him an amulet that transports him to another dimension in order for him to be trained as a battle mage specializing in summoning monsters.

Once on campus Andrew will quickly make a mark and rise up the class rankings, and before long he’ll have everything he’s ever wanted in this new world and back on Earth.



Time Pirate

One day, I’m just trying to make ends meet as a security guard at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC.

Then I happened upon a mysterious pocket watch and ended up in the year 1814.
Time traveling takes a little getting used to, but it definitely helped that I found a pretty blonde woman to help me navigate 19th century DC.

And when I discovered I could take things from the past and bring them to the future, a very lucrative idea took root in my brain…



Vampire Sire

I’ve always liked superheroes, but I didn’t like how they rarely took care of the bad guys… permanently.

Then I became a vampire, and I found out there was a whole other world that needed blood. Lots and lots of blood.

And they’d pay good money for it.

Now, I’m out to capture these criminal scumbags, turn them into a meal, and get rich doing it.

But living among elite vampires is a lot more dangerous than I anticipated, so I’m going to have to be careful if I want to get rich and build a massive empire.



Werebear Barbarian King

I was just a bison rancher from Montana when a bear attack almost killed me. Now, I’ve awoken into a brutal world where everyone is part beast, and their animal instincts are taking over. Something sinister is in the air, and werecreatures of every species are colliding with teeth and claws.

But I’m the rarest and deadliest of all: the werebear.

Surviving in these savage lands will mean fighting off the predators and protecting the innocent prey, and to do that, I need to become the true apex predator.

And the one rightful king of this world.



Werewolf Knight

Hear ye, hear ye!

A newcomer hath arrived from the faraway land of ‘New Jersey’ to our noble kingdom of Lupercalia. Hank Baker, chosen by the Moon Goddess Herself to serve as Her knight champion! Transported here across vast distances by Her blessing, Hank, alone among red blooded commoners, possesses the gift of were-shifting to battle the endless hordes of monsters, recover the lost treasures of the realm, and bed the most comely womenfolk.

What plans doeth the Goddess have in store for our hero? None can know, not even the king. Read on thou must!



Without Law

When the world ended, former Army Ranger Connor “Tav” McTavish thought he’d prepped for everything.

He was wrong.

When roving gangs destroy all semblance of law and order, and the strong take what they want from the weak, Connor will find himself as the sole protector of an all girl’s college hidden away in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Now, his only chance at survival is to show group female liberal arts snowflakes what a real man can do, and turn all four of them into survival and combat experts.



Wrath of the Dragon

I was prepared to die in that last fire I fought in Tucson. I’d saved as many civilians as I could when the flames finally devoured me, but then I woke up in a vast world called Dracoria with a beautiful angel beside me.

Things have only gotten crazier from there.

Now, I’m battling my way through the Night Lands on a rescue mission, but the more I make love to this angel, the more powerful I become. Something dangerous and powerful has awoken inside me, and it’s ready to unleash its wrath on the evil of this world.

I have become the dragon, and my magic grows stronger with each gorgeous elemental angel that I take as a lover.

Now nothing will stand in the way of me saving this world.

And then ruling it.