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Satan's Sorority Girls
Satan's Sorority Girls

Satan's Sorority Girls

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College was just supposed to be a fun experience. I moved all the way to New England to enjoy the rich history, make friends, and maybe even get a girlfriend.

And against all odds, it looked like this lanky nerd might actually stick the landing on all of the above.

But things took a weird turn when a bunch of insanely beautiful sorority girls started stalking me.

Now, I’m suddenly surrounded by pentacles, the paranormal, and so many seductive witches that I don’t even know what to think.

Am I seriously about to get sacrificed by the hottest girls I’ve ever seen?

Or do they have something even stranger planned for me?

Narration by: Brian Kozak, Charlie K James
Length: 8 Hours, 41 Minutes

Paperback Page Count: 293

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