Wrath of the Dragon
Wrath of the Dragon
Wrath of the Dragon

Wrath of the Dragon

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I was prepared to die in that last fire I fought in Tucson. I’d saved as many civilians as I could when the flames finally devoured me, but then I woke up in a vast world called Dracoria with a beautiful angel beside me.

Things have only gotten crazier from there.

Now, I’m battling my way through the Night Lands on a rescue mission, but the more I make love to this angel, the more powerful I become. Something dangerous and powerful has awoken inside me, and it’s ready to unleash its wrath on the evil of this world.

I have become the dragon, and my magic grows stronger with each gorgeous elemental angel that I take as a lover.

Now nothing will stand in the way of me saving this world.

And then ruling it.

Narration by: Jack Douglas, Maggie Langhorne
Length: 8 Hours, 5 Minutes

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