Audible Listener

Hey All,

I'm going to continue to put book 1's up on Audible, but all my future audiobook releases are only going to be sold on my website or provided as part of my Patreon reward tier.  You can play them using the Bookfunnel app, which works just like the Audible app.

Here is a video you can watch (by someone else) that does a good job explaining why audible sucks for authors:


I know some of you might be disappointed with this change because you want all your books in one place and you like the credit system you've worked out with Audible, but I implore you to look at the bright side:

  • You'll be able to buy the books a few minutes after they are recorded and proofed. No more waiting for Audible to take 2-3 months to approve them.
  • You'll be buying directly from me, instead of funding Jeff Bezos buying another elevator for one of his many mansions
  • I'll be able to use my unaltered covers for the audiobooks
  • When you buy the audiobook from me, I'll get your email so that I CAN email you when the next audiobook comes out. Which isn't something Audible does right now. They just wait for you to find the next one on their website.
  • This way I'll be able to continue doing audiobooks. I was considering stopping because of all the fucked up delays. I'm just not making any money right now with Audible, but I'm spending a ton to get books out. This path seems like a viable option to continue to provide you with entertainment.
  • A few other authors you love are switching to Bookfunnel, and I believe that most of the authors in the genre will end up making the move in the next few months once they see our results. Bookfunnel will show all the books, either audio or ebook, you get distributed from them in your library, so you'll see everyone's stuff in there.
  • The Bookfunnel audiobook app works just as good, and perhaps even a bit better, than Audible's.
  • You can download the mp3 version and use whatever player you want (if you so choose, not required)
  • I also set up a pretty sweet deal on my Patreon page for audiobook listeners that you might want to check out.
Hopefully, this helps you understand the reasons why I made this choice.
Eric Vall