Summoner School 5
Summoner School 5

Summoner School 5

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The technomages are in league with the mana hungry shadow creatures, and now the human realm is under direct threat. The magical realms are in chaos after the headmaster’s death, and the arcane council isn’t acting fact enough.

Andrew, his lovers, and their classmates are the only chance Earth has to survive.

And while his allies have grown in magical aptitude and are all fearsome fighters, Andrew will have to capture and summon beasts of a power level no summoner before has dared to try. The more powerful the summon, the less control a summoner has over it, and the more likely it is to cost him his life.

But how else can he save Earth and the other realms?

Narration by: Alyssa Poon, Evan Jordan
Length: 7 Hours, 43 Minutes

Paperback Pages: 278

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