Summoner School 4
Summoner School 4

Summoner School 4

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Andrew and his classmates at the Magia Schola are caught in a three way battle for control of the magical world with the insidious forces of shadow magic and the technomages who wield arcane powers of mechanical mayhem.

The arcane council appears to be corrupted by the shadow creatures, so fighting the battle to save all the realms from destruction will fall on the shoulders of Andrew, his lovers, and some unlikely allies.

A confrontation with the headmaster, the most powerful mage in the realm, is unavoidable and even a fraction of his power could be deadly. Can they win? Can the world afford for them not to?

Narration by: Alyssa Poon, Evan Jordan
Length: 7 Hours, 42 Minutes

Paperback Pages: 281

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