Quantum Wrath

Quantum Wrath

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Series: Quantum Wrath

I never asked for this power. It overtook me centuries ago, and I’ve been lost to time ever since that very first warp to a new dimension.

Now, I never age, I always escape, and I’m only getting stronger as the decades pass.

But I sure as hell don’t have the patience for sidekicks. So when a gorgeous, supersonic, and unbelievably twisted woman suddenly forces me off my homeplanet, I end up understandably tense.

Luckily, the vast dimensions offer plenty of chaos to keep people like us entertained.

And something about rooting out otherworldly villains just seems to bring out my devious side.

So I may as well unleash my own personal brand of wrath on these wannabe villains and show them how it’s really done.

Narration by: Mauricio Rivero Borrell, Sierra Taft
Length: 11 Hours, 17 Minutes

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