Pocket Dungeon

Pocket Dungeon

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Wes Rhodes wasn’t prepared to wake up in a medieval-style equipment room.

He wasn’t expecting to fight his way through a deadly dungeon today, either.

But when he makes it through before the timer runs out, his entire perspective shifts.

Now, he’s the guy with a whole other dimension waiting inside the magic crystal in his pocket, and nothing will ever be the same. All he’s gotta do is make it out alive and get back to Earth each and every time.

And the payoff is worth it.

There’s monsters to slay, loot to gain, and even some sexy women to save from certain doom. But the whole “rich beyond his wildest dreams” thing would be way more awesome if people weren’t suddenly trying to stalk and murder him for his magic crystal…

Narration by: JD Tanner, Sierra Taft
Length: 11 Hours, 35 Minutes

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