Order of the Demon Hunters
Order of the Demon Hunters

Order of the Demon Hunters

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Ronan is a great guitarist and a good singer, but he isn’t destined to be a rich and famous rock star. After a particularly bad bar gig, he follows a seductive voice into darkness and finds himself on Threnos, a dark and haunted fantasy world where demonic evil casts shadows over the realm.

But amid the unspeakable horror of demons from beyond the veil, a small light shines: the Inquisitors, an order of enhanced warriors dedicated to combating demons wherever they exist and at whatever cost. With holy fire, angel blood, and arcane weapons, the Inquisitors fight a never-ending battle against the endless horde of demonic filth.

The veil between the demon realm and Threnos weakens, and demons threaten to spill across in limitless numbers, extinguishing all mortal life, and only an unlikely musician from Earth named Ronan may hold the key to salvation.

But that is only if he can survive his first night on Threnos.

Narration by: Brian Kozak, Charlie K James
Length: 8 Hours, 43 Minutes

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