Metal Mage - Book 8
Metal Mage - Book 8
Metal Mage - Book 8

Metal Mage - Book 8

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Mason’s finally returning to Illaria, and he’s not coming back empty handed.

Not only does he now have a beautiful elf on his arm, a badass Mustang, and a shit ton of weapons, he’s also coming back new and improved … and runed.

But things back home in Serin have taken a turn for the worst. Mages have gone missing, the king is worried, and the Master is moving in the shadows.

Mason will have to step up and take charge to protect the kingdom, but he’s never been one to back down from a challenge.

Narration by: Christopher Boucher, Jessica Threet
Length: 9 Hours, 48 Minutes

Paperback Size: US Trade (6" x 9" / 152 x 229 mm)
Page count: 395

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