Metal Mage - Book 4
Metal Mage - Book 4
Metal Mage - Book 4

Metal Mage - Book 4

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All aboard!

With the railroad up and running, Mason Flynt and his band of mages turn their attention to the dwarven kingdom of Orebane that lies in the frigid northern Draconis Mountains.

But treacherous terrain is not all they’re up against.

In order to get the dwarves to agree to their new trade agreement, Mason will have to prove his mettle against deadly cave dragons, towering ice giants, and the Master pulling the strings behind the scene.

The temperatures might be dropping, but the heat is on.

Narration by: Christopher Boucher, Jessica Threet
Length: 10 Hours, 09 Minutes

Paperback Size: US Trade (6" x 9" / 152 x 229 mm)
Page count: 327

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