Magic Girls of Multiverse Inn
Magic Girls of Multiverse Inn

Magic Girls of Multiverse Inn

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I never expected to inherit a mysterious, haunted-looking inn.
So I definitely never imagined that inn would lead me into a whole multiverse called the Grymm.
Now, I carry the ancient keys to all sorts of different realms, and it turns out, there’s an endless amount of money to be made in inter-world trade.
No one ever said navigating a magical multiverse would be easy, though. The Grymm is a deadly place, where gorgeous women are bound to lives of servitude and salesmanship, and nothing is ever as innocent as it seems.
But having a highly coveted Venturer’s badge on my chest sure seems to be my ticket to riches, glory, and exotic women with magic powers beyond my wildest dreams.

Narration by: JD Tanner, C.C. Thompson
Length: 10 Hours, 12 Minutes

Paperback Pages: 345

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