Dungeon Master - Book 8
Dungeon Master - Book 8
Dungeon Master - Book 8

Dungeon Master - Book 8

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Only one city stands between the Master, his beautiful and deadly minions, and his legions of soldiers from conquering the mortal world.

The capital city of the Holy Band of Mages would be an impregnable fortress for any mortal army, but the Master is no mere mortal. He is the most powerful being on the earth and in the heavens.

But even this city is a mere stepping stone to the final confrontation with his father, the king of the gods, and the other gods who betrayed him eons ago.

Nothing can stop Master from obtaining the vengeance he so desires.

This is the final novel in the Dungeon Master series.

Narration by: Joshua Story
Length: 10 Hours, 28 Minutes

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