Dino Riders
Dino Riders

Dino Riders

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Kevin Owens has spent his adult life as a game warden in Africa battling poachers, but after a shipwreck lands him on a mysterious island inhabited by vicious dinosaurs, he will go from the hunter to the hunted.

The human inhabitants of the island are no less dangerous than the terrible lizards, as the overseas colonists are just as brutal and intolerant as the early modern colonists of our world, and the natives are xenophobic and practice wicked blood magic and human sacrifice.

But not all the people are evil-hearted, and to survive on the island surrounded by enemies he will have to learn the most important skill the natives have to offer: how to bond with and ride dinosaurs.

If K.O. can manage to do that, he might just live. If not, his stay on the island will be very short indeed.

Disclaimer: This is a harem series.

Narration by: JD Tanner, Katie Pirelli
Length: 7 Hours, 57 Minutes

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