Chaos God 8
Chaos God 8

Chaos God 8

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Surtr is running rampant across the universe. His fury could unleash chaos as unrelenting as Ragnarok on every corner of the Nine Realms.
But I am God King of these worlds now. I am the Allfather, and I will protect all of my subjects.
Whether they know of my existence yet, or not.
Unfortunately, portaling across the universe in the wake of a primordial giant isn’t an easy task. It’ll take the strength of all my combined powers, the devotion of my many lovers, and the determination of my loyal followers to bring peace to the Nine Realms at last.
Not to mention, a pretty incredible array of rainbow bridges.
Time to see the rest of my vast kingdom and save all worlds.

Narration by: Jack Douglas, Maggie Langhorne
Length: 8 Hours, 5 Minutes

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