Chaos God
Chaos God

Chaos God

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All I wanted to do was see my escape room business succeed, but then a friggin’ demon showed up in Boston to tear my place apart, and I ended up tumbling into another world.
One I’ve actually heard of.
Now, I’m fighting my way through Asgard with the survivors of Ragnarok, and I’ve somehow gained some pretty wild shifter powers. It looks like these people could use a guy as clever as me if they wanna stay alive, but my wits aren’t the only thing I’m bringing to the table.
It’ll take that and a lot more to survive in this demon-infested world, but I’ve always thrived in a bit of chaos.

Disclaimer: This is a harem series.

Narration by: Jack Douglas, Maggie Langhorne
Length: 10 Hours, 48 Minutes

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