Eidolon Master

Eidolon Master

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Colton Davis has always dreamed of living a life of adventure like the treasure hunters he’s read about, but he never imagined he’d find even more than that.
Then one geocaching excursion thrust him into a magical world filled with deadly jungles, valuable artifacts, and ancient temples.
But raiding these mysterious temples isn’t for the faint of heart. Once he enters, every moment could be his last, and the promise of reward has led thousands to their deaths within these ever-changing halls.
So it’s no wonder why so many here are willing to go to murderous lengths just to gain the most valuable asset an adventurer could find: An eidolon. The rarest female beings in all of Fablewild.

Narration by: Brian Kozak, Charlie K James
Length: 10 Hours, 3 Minutes

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